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Monday, January 21, 2013

Visitation BVM Craft Fair November 16th and 17th 2012

Here is my set up at Visitation this year! I love this event! The folks who put it all together are fabulous, and I was happy to be invited back for my second year. They put me right in front of the stage again this year, and it was fun to have a good view of everything Tis year they had a Zep war between two local resturants. When you ordered a Zep you got two halves, one from one returant, one from the other. Each one had a color coded fork, and you chose your favorite and then deposited the correct fork into a bin marked with that color. At the end of the event they figured out the winner. Cheyenne loves this event and this year she volunteered to help out a friend's daughter at some of the game booths. Cameron also had fun riding on the carts they used to push around tables and chairs. :-) This is a friend of mine's parish, and they just love both Judy and her husband John. :-) Cheyenne also enjoyed helping set up and take down the tree that is on the stage behind my table. Santa comes to that stage on Saturday. :-)

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