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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Come Visit me!

Hello!!!!  So many things have happened since I last visited! The kids are getting older and growing fast! I am no longer a Stampin Up Demonstrator. While I DO MISS it, my husband is now a coach for Fun Stampers Journey! I am still doing classes and I will continue to create for Craft shows etc.

However, I have had a number of problems with this blog, so I recently started a new one! Please come visit me at:
Ladybug Spots Cards And Gifts

Or find me on Facebook:
"Ladybug Spots Cards And Gifts"

Stop by and say hello!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cheyenne plays Belle

One of the things our new church does is have a block party and Easter Egg hunt. Cheyenne volunteered to play the character Belle and was super excited to have been chosen! She took the part very seriously and had a great time doing so! She wasn't feeling the greatest that morning (or for the past few weeks..belly issues) but she went out there and gave it her best! I was so proud of her!

Hello again

Wow it has been so long since I have posted here! It isn't because I haven't been crafting! I guess I just got lazy posting! Sometimes you just need to take a break and it is about time that my break is over!!!
So much has happened since my last post!  Pepper our dog took a while to adjust to his new home. Not that he was bad, he definitely wasn't. We aren't sure what his background was like but he is definitely untrusting of males. It took a very long time before he would tolerate either David or Cameron. But now he at least lets them touch him. He is definitely a mommy's boy though! He stays in has cage all day until I get home from work and as soon as I walk through the door I get a great big welcome from him!
I started a new job in February 2014. I was at my old school 8 years and things just had to change. It was to the point I hated going to work everyday. My boss was just a total.....shall we say witch. I LOVE my new school!  The directors are very supportive and I am so glad they gave me a Chance! I don't have a degree so I was concerned that would work against me. But being in this business for a while I realized just because someone has a degree doesn't necessarily mean they are any better and definitely not always smarter then me. No I didn't go to college.but it isn't because I am stupid!!!!
Cheyenne is still in Girl Scouts and taking Guitar lessons which she loves. Sadly she hasn't danced in a few years. Her old studio closed and the community center she goes to for guitar isn't quite at the level of instruction that she was used to. She started watching "Dance Moms" and recently told me she would like to start dancing again, so we will see for the Fall.
Cameron is now a Bear in cub scouts! We have a new Den Master (lol I always call him the wrong thing, I think that is his title.  He is the head honcho for our den) aanyway he really turned things around for the den. Cameron really enjoys scouts now. Through scouts we have met some great families. We are great friends with 3 of the families. The 4 of us go with all 9 of our combined children to church each week. It is a new church for all of us, each family wasn't really happy with their current church and we attended this church for Scouts Sunday and we have just kept going back. They have an awesome youth program there so it was perfect for all of us! Cheyenne and I are going camping for the week with some of the scouts from our den. One week in the woods with a bunch of little boys and us along with some other parents. It will be interesting!!!  Cheyenne is also going to Girl Scouts camp this summer. One week on her own away from home. She is excited and maybe a little nervous but I think she is going to love it there!!!!
David is still working at the prison. He seems to like it there. He has been there almost 12 years now but guess.
Oh in addition to selling Stampin Up! I started selling Tupperware at the end of January 2015. It has been a lot of fun! I just went to Springfest and received recognition for being #19 for consultant sales out of 300 people!!!! I was invited up onto stage and got a pin and chances for prizes. Not too exciting but it was still nice to be recognized!
Anyway I am going by to try to do better with updating my blog. I am typing all of this on my phone so hopefully it all works! I haven't quite figured out how to post a picture yet though so I will have to work on that. :-)

Friday, March 7, 2014

And we are officially a ZOO!

One day on our way home from Lancaster we stopped into a pet store to pick up some lizard supplies. When we walked in there was an animal rescue place there. They were from Alabama. Apparently the shelters there only keep animals for 7 days, and then they are put down, regardless of their temperment. Well this group adopts as many dogs as they can, put them into foster care, and then they travel to places like PA where they go to stores and attempt to adopt them out. I had been joking that I wanted a weiner dog. And guess what they had....
 This is "Bandit" he is half Dachshund, half chihuahua. Cheyenne fell in love with him, but at the time we didnt have the $370 to adopt him. So instead my mom adopted him with hopes that he would "settle" her Pug down. She changed his name to Pepper. After a month or so, she decided it wasnt going to work. Her pug got real aggressive towards him. So Pepper came to live with us in November. This is his favorite spot. At my feet.
He has come a long way! He was afraid of the boys and nipped Cameron a few times. He would growl at the boys, and wouldnt let anyone but me take him out. Now he does let Cheyenne take him out some times. and he will allow Cameron to pet him, if Pepper isn't sitting with me. We figure he was abused, but also wonder if the woman he was with was also abused, s he is VERY protective of me and doesn't allow anyone to come near me if I am laying on the couch. He also is coming around and has started playing with toys. All in all he is a good dog!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Here kitty kitty

Cameron's beloved Inky passed away in August 2012. He was VERY upset and cried for quite a while. He had been asking for a new kitty for quite a while, when a friend of ours cat had kittens. She had to get rid of them "or else" so we agreed to take two. When we got there (they were a week old) I fell in love with the little boy, and two became three! Here they are when we brought them home. 

Meatball was a chubby little baby when he was born, (they were calling him Fathead). He is a sweetheart and definitley the snuggliest of them all. He was supposed to be "mine" but Cameron decided he wanted the boy instead. (Even though they are the families, he wanted to have one that was "his" to try to replace Inky)
 Next is Princess. She is the "misunderstood" one of the group. Her sister likes to beat her up. :-(  (They were calling her Diva)

And this is Nala. This is the one Cheyenne chose to be "her's" She is the bully of the bunch. :-(
 They all joined Belle or 5 year old cat. Here she is watching the anoles and toads/frogs. This is her favorite past time. :-)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lizards toads and frogs OH MY!

So here are some of our other lizards/frogs. This first one is one of two of our Green Tree frogs. (And in the lower left one of the anoles tails)
 This is Zack, he is a green Anole
 One of the two of our fire-belly toads
 This is Rocco, a brown anole. He normally looks more like Zack, only brown, but we took this picture the day after we brought him home. He had made the ridge come out his back and curled his tail. He has since never done it again.
Originally these guys were only the two anoles, but I got mad at hubby, and I was at the pet store and aquariums were on sale, so that's when we added the frogs and toads. So the enclosure had to be bigger. So then I went all out and added soil and a water feature, rocks and live plants. This is right after I put it all in, it has filled in quite a bit with the plants and they all have places to hide now. :-)

This is a close up  of the water part. We added some Lexan (which I found out is what bullet proof glass is made of) I used aquarium sealer to add that to the aquarium. Once it all dried is when I added the soil, plants etc and the water. To that I added a rock and a stick and we threw in some guppies. You can see one of the fire belly toads sitting on top of the filter in the back. It is also nice because all of these pets need a more wet/humid enclosure so the water feature helps quite a bit.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Cameron's "Little" buddy

Last March Cameron asked for a Bearded Dragon for his birthday.  We had gotten some Anoles, and fire belly toads and green tree frogs in February, and while they are cool to look at, they aren't really hands-on pets. He really wanted something he could hold, so we did some research and this is what we decided on. Now I have to tell you that Spyro was so awesome, that we ended up getting two more dragons, Cynder (mine) and Flame (Cheyenne's). We also got a number of Leopard Geckos and a Tokay Gecko. I felt bad for the Tokay, in a tiny little container, all alone. So we bought him and then I researched him. Turns out they LOVE to bite...just to bite, and it is VERY painful, so he is also a hands off lizard.
Anyway this is little Spyro at 5 weeks old.