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Friday, March 7, 2014

And we are officially a ZOO!

One day on our way home from Lancaster we stopped into a pet store to pick up some lizard supplies. When we walked in there was an animal rescue place there. They were from Alabama. Apparently the shelters there only keep animals for 7 days, and then they are put down, regardless of their temperment. Well this group adopts as many dogs as they can, put them into foster care, and then they travel to places like PA where they go to stores and attempt to adopt them out. I had been joking that I wanted a weiner dog. And guess what they had....
 This is "Bandit" he is half Dachshund, half chihuahua. Cheyenne fell in love with him, but at the time we didnt have the $370 to adopt him. So instead my mom adopted him with hopes that he would "settle" her Pug down. She changed his name to Pepper. After a month or so, she decided it wasnt going to work. Her pug got real aggressive towards him. So Pepper came to live with us in November. This is his favorite spot. At my feet.
He has come a long way! He was afraid of the boys and nipped Cameron a few times. He would growl at the boys, and wouldnt let anyone but me take him out. Now he does let Cheyenne take him out some times. and he will allow Cameron to pet him, if Pepper isn't sitting with me. We figure he was abused, but also wonder if the woman he was with was also abused, s he is VERY protective of me and doesn't allow anyone to come near me if I am laying on the couch. He also is coming around and has started playing with toys. All in all he is a good dog!

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