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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well Hello there!!!

I have a butterfly bush right outside my window, by the computer. It has been there for quite some time. I planted it while David and I were still dating. Anyway, it is almost a butterfly tree! It reaches taller then our rancher house, and I love it! The way it is positioned it is like I am sitting inside it and looking out at it's branches. I find myself gazing out the window often to see who is visiting it. This summer we had the very first hummingbirds I have ever seen in real life! I went out and put up a humming bird feeder so I can watch the little guys. They actually went away for about a week and I was worried that they were gone. But here I am sitting here watching them again! Today it is raining and miserable out. Hurricane Irene is supposed to be visiting today/tomorrow. Anyway I thought I would share some pictures of some of the visitors I have had this summer.
The first picture is my view through the Butterfly bush, looking up towards the sky:

A bee on the end of the bloom:

A group of swallows (I believe) one was feeding the others:

A tiger swallow:

One of the few good pictures I was able to get of a humming bird:

Another Tiger swallow:

The hummingbirds are quick! I have lots of pictures with them sort of in the shot, but not really. They will flit to all of the blooms, then come to the feeder. A few times they have turned to the window as if to say "Did you get a picture?" Or "Ha ha you missed me again!" I love the little visitors! Sometimes you can hear the tap tap of their feet on the windowsill. I have found myself staring out the window for hours!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Promotion - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

From now until August 31st, Stampin Up is offering Buy 1 Get free on select packs of their Designer Paper. There is no limit on this special, the items just have to be listed on the flyer. Click HERE to see the list of items which are included!
Hurry, offer only good until August 31st!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Devastating Fire - Help needed for a fellow crafter's family

As a member of the Card Fairy Army on my Favorite MB, I was made aware of a very devastating story. A fellow member on my favorite MB has posted the story on her blog. Two of her children and their families lost their home and their belongings in a tragic fire last week. In the home were also 2 grandchildren. Thankfully they all escaped the blaze unharmed. They escaped with each other and the clothes and shoes that they had on. The next day the one son-in-law went in and found the flag which draped his father's casket. If you'd like to read the whole story, it is found on Kymberlee's Blog. They are asking for help for these two families. No gift is too small. More details on that are also listed on Kymberlee's blog. Both of the men, both named Nick, proudly serve in the US Coast Guard.

Even encouraging words would be great. Why not send a handmade card if you are a crafter. The address is also on Kymberlee's blog.