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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visitation BVM Craft Fair - Nov 18 & 19, 2011

This was my first year at Visitation BVM's sale, and I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed! I went there Thursday night, expecting an 8 foot space, and it was closer to 10 or 12 foot! I had never had a space this large, and I didn't know where to start. I had a black cloth, which was great for an 8 foot table, but too small for the space I had, but my friend Judy came to the rescue and had a sheet for me to use, so that was perfect! Then I had the dilemma of how to set up the displays I use. Then I was afraid that I wasn't going to have enough to fill the space. But in the end I did fine. And then on Friday, they opened the doors....Oh my gosh, it was a so busy!!!! This is about an hour and a half in and the "slow time" of the night: Here's the left side of the table :

And the right side (this was later in the sale, because I didn't have room for the card boxes in the beginning!):

Looking down the aisle (with my beautiful assistant):

I had to take pictures from above because it got busy again. Post it note holders, and tablet holders, gift card holders, ribbon weave pins (or maybe these are the magnets), and a few post it note frames:

Post it note frames, snowman soup, ornament money holders:

Post it note frames ( I had to stay up half the night Friday night to make more of these, since most sold out the first night):

A few of the remaining mini snowman holders:

And some lip balm holders and Hand sanitizer holders, and altered Starbucks jars:

I had a fabulous, profitable time at Visitation's sale! I can't wait until next year!!!!! I have so many new ideas!!! Also at this sale, I was invited to be a vendor at St Sophia's sale NEXT November so I am super excited!!!

I started creating things for the two sales I had this year in JUNE. I was still creating right up until the night before. Since I have more sales next year, I think I will be starting in January!!!

Items for a Craft Fair - Coaster Calendars

I made these very handy calendar coasters for the craft fair I had in November at Visitation BVM in Trooper PA. I didn't take a picture of all of the items as I made them, and only had time to take a few pictures the day of the sale. I had a bunch more of the calendars, and these are the last 4 I had left. The blue masculine one has since been purchased. The last 3 will be added to the teacher's gifts since Cheyenne has so many teachers this year!

Oak's Fire Hall

I did find a close up picture of more of the items I had at Oaks. Spiral notebooks and mini composition books with matching pens, snowman soup, large candy bar holders, coaster calendar holders and altered Starbucks jars.

Oaks Fire House November 6, 2011

I was a vendor at Oak's Fire Hall in Oak's PA for the second year this past November. This year we were in the "main" hall. Not only was it warmer (first year we were where the Fire Trucks are parked inside, and the doors were left open for the whole set up..we were FREEZING!), but I think we had more traffic where we were this year. I had a LOT more products this year, and have plans for many new ones next year! Here are some pictures.
Here is the Left hand side (with Cheyenne peeking out): And the Right side (with Cameron):

I am still trying to figure out displays. But here's what I did this time. Hanging we have purse post-it note holders, and Ornament gift card holders. In the front there are my Post-it note frames, folding planners, (and part of my Holiday planners notebooks there on the right)

These both sold out within the first 5 minutes of my show, so I was glad I took pictures before we opened! Popcorn holders and snowman candy bar holders (held hershey bars, kit kats and Nestle Crunch bars). Oh and a few more calendars there too.

Lip Balm holders, calendars, post it note purses and some more ornament money holders. Also some gift card holders:

More Christmas Planner notebooks: Corner bookmarks, candy boxes, decorated rulers, (the plastic canvas in the back ground aren't mine they were my neighbor's, who by the way was right across from us last year!)

I guess I didn't get any close up pictures of my non-Christmas altered notebooks. :( But I had some there!! Same as with my altered Starbucks bottles, but you can see them there in the big picture of the table. I had a great time at this fair, and can't wait to be back there next year!

Special order Planners

So here are the finished planners that I made for the special order I had for Shirley. I met Shirley at Visitation's craft fair in mid-November. She had purchases some of these planners I made for Christmas, and called to ask if I could make some non-Christmas planners for her for gifts. We talked about colors, and then I found papers I thought she'd like, sent her pictures and we went from there. I love the way Colleen's and Kate's came out. That paper is just beautiful in real life! The leaves are actually embossed on the paper so it gives the planners interesting detail!

I'm going to add pictures of the planners below so that you can see the inside.

Would you like one of these for yourself?? I take special orders! Priced at $5 a piece (plus shipping). I have many many papers and colors to choose from! Send me a message if you are interested!

Special Order Planners - inside

This is the inside of Kate's and Colleen's planners. I made the insert tablets on the computer since I couldn't find anything pre-made. There is an envelope inside that can hold receipts that matches the planners.

This is the inside of Tammy's planner:

And Noelle's planner:

Inside Candy's Planner:

You may not be able to see the green in the patterned paper (without the cirlces), but it matches everything perfectly!

And Finally Cathy's planner. She wanted pinks and browns. The brown patterned papers have glitter accents in it that isnt really visible in the pictures:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Special Order Photos

Inside the Neutral Planner. Pictures just don't do it justice! The patterned pieces are embossed. Very pretty!

For Candy:

For Kate:

Just adding these photos here so I can show my customer paper choices. :)