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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lizards toads and frogs OH MY!

So here are some of our other lizards/frogs. This first one is one of two of our Green Tree frogs. (And in the lower left one of the anoles tails)
 This is Zack, he is a green Anole
 One of the two of our fire-belly toads
 This is Rocco, a brown anole. He normally looks more like Zack, only brown, but we took this picture the day after we brought him home. He had made the ridge come out his back and curled his tail. He has since never done it again.
Originally these guys were only the two anoles, but I got mad at hubby, and I was at the pet store and aquariums were on sale, so that's when we added the frogs and toads. So the enclosure had to be bigger. So then I went all out and added soil and a water feature, rocks and live plants. This is right after I put it all in, it has filled in quite a bit with the plants and they all have places to hide now. :-)

This is a close up  of the water part. We added some Lexan (which I found out is what bullet proof glass is made of) I used aquarium sealer to add that to the aquarium. Once it all dried is when I added the soil, plants etc and the water. To that I added a rock and a stick and we threw in some guppies. You can see one of the fire belly toads sitting on top of the filter in the back. It is also nice because all of these pets need a more wet/humid enclosure so the water feature helps quite a bit.

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