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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cameron's "Little" buddy

Last March Cameron asked for a Bearded Dragon for his birthday.  We had gotten some Anoles, and fire belly toads and green tree frogs in February, and while they are cool to look at, they aren't really hands-on pets. He really wanted something he could hold, so we did some research and this is what we decided on. Now I have to tell you that Spyro was so awesome, that we ended up getting two more dragons, Cynder (mine) and Flame (Cheyenne's). We also got a number of Leopard Geckos and a Tokay Gecko. I felt bad for the Tokay, in a tiny little container, all alone. So we bought him and then I researched him. Turns out they LOVE to bite...just to bite, and it is VERY painful, so he is also a hands off lizard.
Anyway this is little Spyro at 5 weeks old.

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