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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MMMM Crabs

Last summer My children and I went camping in New Jersey. It was a lot of fun! We used to go camping all of the time, but when my son was little we stopped going. Mostly because he was a crier, and I just didn't want to disturb others who were camping to enjoy the quiet! Anyway, it was the first time we had gone camping with Grammy (my mom) in about 5 years. We had stayed at and Adventure Bound campground. Now while the name sounds exciting, I found it to be a bit....boring. Sure they had a pool, and there were movies at night at the pool, and there were moon bounces and a giant water slide, but for an adult...there wasn't much to do. One day we did go crabbing, and we did catch a few, but being as though us three girls are crab lovers, it wasn't nearly enough! So one night we bribed Cameron with being able to play his DS while we had all-you-can eat crabs at the Crab House!

MMMM Don't they look delicious????? And they were!!!

Cheyenne ate 24 by herself, and mom and I were tied at 30. She kept a leg from each so she could keep count of how many she ate :-)

I could have eaten more if it weren't for the uncomfortable benches they had. I think that's how they get you to not stay too long!
Now I have one question.....WHEN'S SUMMER?????

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