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Friday, January 4, 2013


Happy New Year!!!  It has been a CrAzY few months here at the Thornton household!! The kids are back to school, Cameron is now in Boy Scouts, Cheyenne is still in Girl Scouts and is taking her second year of Hip Hop class at our local Arts Center. I have participated in NUMEROUS craft shows most of which were in November and December. And just prepping for them takes forever....and I had special orders for Christmas gifts that I was still getting and working on up until December 24th! But anyway, here it is January 4, and I am finally trying to get settled back into a more calm routine. I also decided to take just a little time off of crafting...but don't worry, not long! I am missing it already! :-)
I am off today since I havent been feeling well...so I thought while it was quiet I would try to take some time to get some posts scheduled out so that you could see what I have been up to. But....now I have to figure out how the heck I upload pictures since Blogger has changed how they do things!
So bare with me, and hopefully I can get some pictures uploaded!

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