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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Craft Fair - St Paul's Lutheran Church

This was the first event I had this year. It was held in September. I have to say I wasn't very happy with this event. First off,Originally I was supposed to be inside. But they had way too many vendors shoved into one room, and they had space which they didnt utilize. There was NO moving room at all in this room! Every time someone had to get by, you had to lean across your table just so they could squeeze by! After about the 50th time I complained. I ended up going outside instead, where it was so much nicer. Although, we were totally not prepared to be outdoors, and it was a bit chilly. But we tried to make do, and keep warm. I also met a new friend who this was her first event. Anyway, it was just an all around BAD day. There was a Fireman's parade in town that day, as well as they were moving Hospital patients from the old hospital which was closing, to the new hospital. Traffic was HORRIBLE and there were barely any shoppers. We just barely made the money back for our table. Barely. I dont know if I will be back at this event in 2013.....We'll see.

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