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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marines of the Year 2012

I know this isnt craft related, but I had to share with you! Both my mom and her twin brother served in the United States Marine Corps when they were young. This year they were both surprised to find out that they both were awarded the Marine of the Year award at the Marine Corps ball.(that's them at the ball in the top picture) The funny thing was that I knew about it at least 2 months ahead of time. My aunt called me to ask if I was able to go to the ball. I wasn't (St Sophia's sale was that night) but I called my brother Duane, who also served in the Marine Corps. He and his wife came to the ball. The whole time my mom kept saying "I think Gene is getting the Marine of the Year award" and I was bursting not to tell her 'SO ARE YOU!' She was absolutely shocked when they called her name! I wish I was there to see her reaction! So there you have it twin Marines of the Year Valley Forge Detatchment 2012. Oh and they each were awarded with an engraved Marine Corps sword. I believe that is mom's in the photo. They also went to have their photos taken together in their Marine Corps uniforms.

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