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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How time flies

Above 3 years and one month old. With her favorite cousin, who by the way is now 16! She loves this girl, and misses her terribly. She moved to Ohio in 2006 (this is taken at her house)

Above officially 3years old! Hugging a bear from "Mammy". Taken at the pool we belonged to (which is now closed)

And last, above, today, officially 9 years old. With her birthday breakfast of Chocolate Chip pancakes. (And I love that she isn't "too big" to wear, or eat off of, Princesses!)

Sigh....time flies just too quickly. :( Today we celebrated my daughter's 9th birthday. We didn't do anything exciting today (special breakfast, special lunch, some birthday balloons and cards), she has a big party planned on Sunday if it doesn't rain. A Carnival party we have been talking about since last year! We have carnival games planned, and prizes planned, and games built, and decorations are in the works. I am sure people think I am nuts...and maybe I am, but they are only little once. And I have to tell you this kid is amazing. I brought up a few suggestions for things for her party (making key chains for her party guests, and a Photo booth complete with props) and she was very excited at first, but then said "Mom I don't want you to waste the money, we don't have to do that for my party." She is such a sweetheart. And I love her to pieces (even on her bad days). But I just can't believe that little bundle I brought home from the hospital, the one that NEVER wanted to sleep at night time, who rarely cried, and melted my heart the first time our eyes met....she's 9 now. And I love her more then she will ever know. <3 <3 <3


Claire said...

awwwww....so sweet!

Anne said...

Gina, All your posts on your daughters birthday party preparations are wonderful. Great memories for your family and also all the children who attended.TFS.