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Friday, August 10, 2012

Carnival Party preparations

I wanted to add some photos of the Carnival Party preparations. We used a lot of "found" and recycled items for the games. We had a few pallets: Two sheets of...Plywood(???) which both had 2x4's screwed into the backs:

We picked up some spray paint from Walmart, and took turns spraying the wood. We covered her face so she wouldnt breathe as many fumes.

Daddy stepped in to finish:

Drilling holes for another game:

As you can see by his fingers, we also spray painted a wooden box we had gotten from a local store. They were just going to throw it out. It was a really nice rectangular box. I forgot to get pictures of the before. The box was painted blue, and another of the wood sheets was painted green.

More photos to follow...

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