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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Carnival Party Preparations

We usually buy cakes for parties. But this year being as though it was a special party, she wanted to make special cupcakes. Here she is making her own colored sugars. I had found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to do this. We used granulated sugar, and food coloring.Some of the colors we made.The dark green we used raw sugar, which is why it looks different.

More colors:

We didn't end up using most of these colors for her cupcakes, but it sure is nice to know we can make our own! I used to buy them from Shady Maple. The container the pink one is in (which is a store bought one) cost $1.75!!! we got a whole bag of sugar for $2.25 or something like that. I will sy we did make one batch...we started out too dark, and had trouble fixing it. It came out a very ugly green. We threw it out....it was just....a very gross color. LOL

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