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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carnival Party - the games

I forgot to get photos of the games before the party, so I shot a few afterwards. One of my cups came loose from the Goldfish toss: We added circles behind the balloons for the dart board. When they popped a balloon they got however many tickets were on the circle:

The penny toss. We used clear plastic plates that we got at the dollar store and used acrylic paints to paint them different colors. We used the buckets underneath to make it more "kid sized"

Here they had to use a sling shot to shoot a sponge ball through the hoops. 1 ticket for the green hoops, 2 tickets for the purple hoops and 3 for the smallest hoop. We got the hoops at the $ store, and wrapped them with crepe paper (that we have had forever)

Here we used empty salt containers which we wrapped in scrapbook paper!

I must say that the day was HOT. We put up some canopies, but the one kept trying to blow down, so we ended up taking it down altogether.

We also had a bean bag toss, pop a balloon (there were pieces of paper with the name of the prize written on it inside a balloon) they had to pop the balloon to win the prize! A lollipop tree, bank a ball, squirt a ball, ring toss, and a sponge toss!

More photos to follow!

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