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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Carnival Party

I was lucky to have some of the moms help me out with the games.

Here is the squirt a ball. Behind that in the big trash bags are the balloons for the pop a balloon. (The blue thing on the side is the tarp we ended up taking down since it kept blowing down)

Goldfish toss and Penny Toss the wood thing in the center of the photo is the bean bag toss (I didn't get a photo of that...I will have to get one)

In this photo you can see the bags the kids made when they first arrived Below in the front sittig on the ground). They were each given a white bag, markers and stickers to decorate it. They each got 25 tickets to play games with, and when they won tickets, they could put them into their bags. I guess I made the goldfish toss a little too easy, (or maybe they should have stood back further) I think every kid won at least one fish. The mom that was running it ended up putting a 3 fish limit on the kids. We had goldfish crackers as a consolation prize)

Still more photos to follow.....

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