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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A new Charity!

So Melissa posted on my blog about a new charity, and I have contacted them to see how MANY cards I can donate! I love being in swaps, but it seems I don't know that many people to send all these cards to! I love making cards, and will keep on swapping, but with three Photo boxes and another bigger box overflowing with just cards that I have made, I think it is time to start parting with them! So time to break out my camera, and start taking pictures! After all that takes up a lot less space!!

Now I am not going to send ALL of my cards....but I do have a nice pile! I am just awaiting answers to a few questions before I send them!

Thank you so much Melissa!!!!

Oh if anyone else is interested, here is the charity:

I can't wait to brighten some folks' day!!!!!

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Melissa said...

Thanks so much Gina! Your cards are so beautiful, I'm sure they will bring so much joy to the seniors who receive them!