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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cards from Card Club - December

If you missed Card Club this month, not only did you miss out on some cute Birthday cards, but you also missed out on some yummy Holiday goodies! New to cardmaking Judi brought some yummy Peanut Butter pinwheel cookies, and Lisa brought some pretzels topped with chocolate and M&M's! Mmmm Mmm!!!
So here was one of the cards we made, along with a twist. When I originally came up with the card (11:30 PM on Thursday night) I couldn't decide if I liked the Elegant Eggplant alone with the Basic Gray, or if I wanted to highlight it with a lighter green. So at the time I settled for just the Eggplant and Gray, and went to bed. The more I looked at the card on Friday, I decided to offer the green, Old Olive, and see what everyone thought. I think we all agreed that while the eggplant and Gray was nice, the Old Olive just finished the card! So the first picture is without the Old Olive, and the sentiment is from Sincere Salutations. The second card is with the Old Olive, and I changed the sentiment, however it too is from Sincere Salutations.

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Summer said...

I really like your cards, TFS. Love the purple!