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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So I am behind...with good reason! Reason #1

That's my girl!!! She participated in the Recital for her 4th year of dance. Tap and Ballet. She LOVES to perform! And of course she loves to pose! She has been having crazy rehersals almost all of June and had one Tuesday night, then the Dress Rehersal on Friday night, followed by the Recital on Saturday night. Whew, June sure is a busy month! These pictures are actually from the Dress Resersal. (no flash photos on Recital night) They never really come out clear when she is on stage, but the close up was before she had her first number. We didn't do her makeup, and her hair was in a quick (and messy) bun, but she is still my beautiful dancer! I hope that she has this much passion for dance for a long time! I would love to see her dance on Pointe! As a child I always wanted to be a Ballerina, but I am happy with being a Ballerina's Mom! As long as she is having fun, and as long as SHE wants to dance, I plan on being there cheering her on!

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Claire said...

awesome! that looks so fun! she makes a great ballerina! see you soon, Gina!