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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Fest 2009

Ok first let me say that Fall Fest was AWESOME!!! It was so cool meeting lots of Demonstrators from all around our area!
So let me tell you I was swapping out card fronts that I had made and Karen Barber asked if I would like to swap with me. I was so honored!!!! I turned to my friend Heather (and fellow PhillyInker) and said "I got a Karen Barber card!!!" I was so excited. Then a little while later I was swapping and a very nice lady handed me a swap and I am looking at it thinking that it looked like a Michele Zindorf. I looked up and there standing before me was Michele!!! Can I tell you it was like meeting royalty meeting the two of them! Later they both joined the PhillyInkers that were in attendance for lunch. It was a little unnerving sitting at the table with two extremely talented ladies! But they both were super nice and very sweet!
While at Fall Fest we had a chance to sit with both ladies and create cards that they were teaching. So I came home with a Karen and a Michele card that I swapped AND a card that each of them had taught me to make.
So here are some pictures I'd like to share:

That's Michele getting ready to teach us our card. Trust me it was awesome! You will surely be seeing it soon!

And that is Karen getting ready to teach us the Black Magic technique! I am working on perfecting that one and you'll be seeing it soon as well.

Just a little side note. If you are looking for a group of ladies that you would like to join as a Demonstrator for Stampin Up, can I suggest you seek out the PhillyInkers? You don't have to contact me, if you don't want, there are many other great ladies, and a Gentleman in our group. There are quite a few of us from PA, NJ, DE all the way to Ill, and NM. After spending the day with the ladies at Fall Fest, I came to realize what a great group of ladies they really are. I already knew that they were supportive and all very nice, but I came to realize this past weekend that it is more then that. In Stampin Up we say that the person we sign up under is our Mother, And the person she signed under is our Grandmother (which by the way Karen is our Grandmother) and there are sisters, etc. Last weekend I came to realize that it is more then just a great group of ladies, but the group really IS a family. And I am so proud and honored to be a part of it!

And now my friends I am off to a class with my AWESOME Upline, (and mother) Claire! I have more to post about Fall Fest, but I have to be on my way for tonight!

Until then, Happy Creating!

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