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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lat Minute Teacher's gifts

So I realized on Thursday evening at about 6 PM that I forgot to make teacher's gifts for the kids to take to school on Friday Morning!!! I was sick and not feeling very creative, so I asked the kids what they thought of Monogrammed note cards. They both agreed they thought the teachers would like them. I worked on them until about 10:30 when I just couldn't stand being sick any more, then I got up Friday morning and finished them. The "B" ones I was working on 5 minutes after I should have let for work, so I didn't have time for the scalloped edge. These were for one of my daughter's all time favorite teachers. Her First grade teacher (she was in 3rd grade this year) "Mrs. B": These were for my son's teacher "Miss C"

And for my daughter's teacher this year "Mrs K":

Each teacher got a set of 6 matching cards/envelopes and a matching pen (I omitted the ribbons on the pens, not sure how I felt about them). The kids also picked out a Key Fob Wristlet for each of the teachers based on the teacher's favorite colors.

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