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Friday, January 14, 2011

I Have a Dream Blog Hop

The fabulous Karel at One By One The Flamingos Are Stealing My Sanity has done it again! She's come up with a Blog Hop that is both inspiring, and challenging! The theme for this blog hop is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a Dream" speech. The Grand Prize Blog Candy is the Dreams Come True Cartridge, donated by an anonymous donor!! In order to be eligible to win, you need to leave a comment on each and every stop on the hop, along with a way to contact you. Karelj will choose a winner by random.org on the 18th and announce it on her blog, as well as contacting the winner personally.
You should have arrived here from Krista and Kori at 2 Crafty Chicks http://2craftychics.blogspot.com/. If you just happened along my blog, you may want to hop on back to Karel's blog and start there!

Now for my creation. First off I have to say that it has been a crazy few days, and I haven't had a lot of time to put thought into what to make. (my daughter cut her foot on a nail sticking out of a metal strip between the LR rug and Kitchen tile the other day, and I have been concentrating my time and efforts on her) As I type this it is 4:45 on Friday afternoon, and the post is due to be up at midnight. I still have NO IDEA what I am going to make. Not a clue. Don't know what colors, don't know what stamp set, nothing. So we'll see what comes out of this!!! I started thinking, what is my dream? Do I have one? Well of course there's that dream where Richard Gere dressed in his Navy dress uniform and walks in and sweeps me off my feet...oh wait that was a movie. Shucks. But Richard if you are out there reading this Come and get me!! :) Okay seriously. I of course have the dream that my children do well in school, and go to college and become successful in whatever path they choose to take in their lives. Just to be happy. But isn't that every one's dream for their child? I dream of a bigger, beautiful house with perfectly manicured lawns and maids to do all the cleaning, but well, that is more a fantasy than a dream! So what is my dream? I don't know. I decided to research "Dream" a little. Here's what the online dictionary has to say about "Dream" (Noun):
1. A series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep; "I had a dream about you last night".
2. Imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake; "he lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality".
3. A cherished desire.
4. A fantastic but vain hope.
5. A state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality; "he went about his work as if in a dream".
6. Someone or something wonderful; "this dessert is a dream".
7. The thoughts, or series of thoughts, or imaginary transactions, which occupy the mind during sleep; a sleeping vision.
8. A visionary scheme; a wild conceit; an idle fancy; a vagary; a revery; -- in this sense, applied to an imaginary or anticipated state of happiness; as, a dream of bliss; the dream of his youth.

So then I tried thinking again. Still no idea. I would love to pursue a Full Time Job as a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up. Ah, but that seems like such a distant future. Oh but wouldn't it be a wonderful dream??? I could spend long "hard" hours "slaving" over my craft table creating cards that I can demonstrate. Working up some class schedules, and class ideas. But what a wonderful job it would be!! I could make my own hours, make and meet (or beat) my own goals, and sleep in on days I just didn't feel like getting up! And wouldn't it be wonderful to have a job doing what I enjoy doing anyway??????? That would be a dream indeed!!! It isn't an unachievable dream. After all I know a few ladies who have done it. And it's what Stampin' Up is all about. So in honor of that dream, I am going to make a few different things. I still don't know what they are going to look like, or what colors they are going to be. But we'll see.
Okay so now it is 8:30. I came up with a couple of things. First up is a candle. The floral piece is stamped in Wild Wasabi and is from Stampin' Up's "Kind and Caring Thoughts". The sentiment is one that I've had hiding in my stamp drawer for a while, it's stamped in Black StazOn ink.

The second item is a bookmark. The flower is from Stampin' Up's "Awash with Flowers" the stem is stamped in Old Olive and the flower part is done using the Rock and Roll technique in Pixie Pink and Real Red. Sentiment is again stamped in Black StazOn.

And the third item is a card, one that I confess I made a while ago, but it gave me the inspiration for the other two items. The patterned paper is from a stack that I had sitting around, I'm not even really sure what it's called. The buttons are just plain old white buttons. Again the sentiment is stamped in black StazOn, and the edges are distressed with Chocolate Chip.

I wanted to show that you can easily change up the look of a stamp by just playing around a little with the accessories, and by using a little imagination. Hope this inspires you to take a look at some of the old stamps that are sitting around that you haven't used in a while.

Now head on over to Monique at Unique Monique
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****UPDATE**** My daughter's foot is healing nicely. Today is the first day she has been able (or willing) to put any pressure on it to walk. It is still sore of course, and she's developed a nice bruise, but she's doing okay. Infections seems to be clearing up, so that's good news. Thanks to all that have asked.

As for the candle, thank you for all of your wonderful comments. When I get a chance to go and buy another white candle, I will create a tutorial for all that have asked. Thanks again!


Monique Barr said...

I love what you made. There is a lot

AmyJRockstar said...

Wow, for not having a clue what you wanted to make, you sure kicked butt! Great projects. Way to take on the challenge!
XO ~ Amy Jo
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

Karelj said...

Your three creations are wonderful! I love the way the one stamp can be so versatile! Our dreams may seem really prosaic to us--but they are what get us going and keep us on track. My ultimate dream is to be in Heaven with Jesus--this is what makes me get up everyday and look for ways to share this with others. Another dream is to have friends like you---and I cherish the people, again you--who make it true every day. Thanks for hopping with me. friend o' mine! Karelj

Joana said...

Great profects!! Very well done. All very beautifull :)
Thank you for sharing them :)

postaisdajoana at gmail dot com

Kopperhead said...

Your project are all pretty, but I really like the little bookmark, so simple and elegant.

And I've now got the Dream Dream Dream song stuck in my head.


doverdi said...

Great projects! Hope your dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your projects...Absolutely gorgeous.

Debc06 said...

Isn't it wonderful that when you don't know what you want to do, only have a smidgen of an idea that the longer you play with it suddenly it all comes together. Those are usually my best creations. Love yours. I hope your dream comes true.

Summer said...

All your projects are great! TFS

Jenny Gibson said...

Beautiful candle. Love the bookmark. Great job.
yorkielov at gmail dot com

Vicki said...

Great projects. You do wonderful work under pressure. Hope you can live your dream someday. Love the quote. Thanks for sharing.

vwilson577 at yahoo dot com

Queen Bee said...

We have the some of the same dreams:-) Love me some Richard! Your projects are lovely!

Stephenie said...

Great projects! You thought process seems eerily familiar...oh wait...it sounds like me! lol Glad you were able to share such wonderful projects.

stefeni said...

Great projects! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

Lisa said...

What cute items! I never use my stamps enough! I hope you achieve your dream soon. I think you would be a great demonstrator!!

Alicia said...

Wow, to have had no idea and to end up with some amazing creations! I LOVE that candle- it is just gorgeous! I can so see, with your creative mind, you achieving your dream of working with Stampin' Up! Keep on them and I believe it will happen! *Hugs* and best wishes on your dream!

Sandy said...

Wow, great projects, TFS!

Trisha said...

For not knowing what your were going to make, you have done a fabulous job. I am a follower. TFS and the chance to win. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

Lesley from WI said...

Love both projects. Very pretty

shersl84bed said...

These would make great gifts. Thanks for the inspiration.

ShersL84bed at aol dot com

McVic said...

Love your projects. You did fantastic!

Teela said...

You came up with some pretties for not having a clue! I don't know why I don't make bookmarks, you've inspired me, but really, an olive stem??? Thanks for the hop and to the person that donated the Dreams come true cart for the Grand Prize! teelayoung at hotmail dot com

donna said...

nice blog..great creations.. donna westloopsters@yahoo.com

Kathy's-Krafts said...

Very beautiful projects...You really did a fabulous job.

Scrappin' Sista said...

Well...for not having an idea, you did a great job!!! I love your projects. TFS and the chance to win!

Christel a.k.a. Scrappin' Sista
Blog Hop Sista

Michelle said...

Oh you did a great job. I love the candle that's my favorite. Thanks for sharing....

Reneeleeak said...

Your projects turned out great to make in such a short time! Your candle is so pretty. ☺
Thanks for sharing them with us!
reneeleeak at yahoo dot com

WAM Family said...

You did better than I did on figure out what to do. I really like all 3 projects. You did a fantastic job.


Anna said...

Great projects!!! Just awesome.
annadowdy at gmail dot com

Gina Thornton said...

LOL Teela, it's "Old Olive", the color, not an olive stem. :)

Thanks eveyone yor the wonderful comments!

Scrap'n Yamma said...

Great projects! Very pretty! THank you for sharing!

Sheree said...

You are amazing. I love what you said about dreams. You made me smile several times. I want a perfect house, maids and manicured lawns too! I just becamse a SU demonstrator and love their products. I really like what you did with the same stamp. Genious!
Thank you for sharing these projects with us, Gina!

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Your day sounds like alot of my days :) around here. I love the items you created.

Cheryl said...

How did you get the wording on the candle?? Love it!!

Lynlee said...

love your projects!

luvskrapin said...

All three items are very nice! I love them all! All of you ladies are so talented! Thanks for sharing and I hope your daughters foot gets better soon!

Jessica Leishman

Melissa said...

Love your projects Gina! Can't believe you just came up with them and hammered them out so quickly! The candle is fantastic. I had no clue you could stamp on a candle! I hope your daughter is doing okay today!


Cindylu2u said...

Three fabulous projects, really want to learn how to do the candle!! Thanks
miller896042 at bellsouth dot net

Ms_Dee said...

I love that stamp ...and really loved all of the different ways you used it.......Loving this Blog Hop ...You ladies are sooo inspirational......TFS

Amanda said...

Great projects!
Amanda (als1048@gmail.com)

Pammejo said...

Your projects are wonderful, love the candlepammejo1@yahoo.com
http://pammejo-scrapbookflair.blogspot.com/, just became a follower.

Audrey said...

You did a marvelous job for not knowing what you were goping to do. I have had the same Richard Gere dream for many years and he hasn´t shown up yet. What is with that??
Pursue your dream to be a full time SP demonstrator, if you want it you can achieve it!
<God Bless,


A Scrap Above said...


You are such a talented crafter! I love all 3 projects and glad to hear your daughter is doing better.. I just found you on facebook YAY!!
I am already a follower and love your style.
Bonnie C

Ange said...

What wonderful examples.
Have become a follower.
I <3 SU and infact I have a workshop booked in Feb! :-)


Kathy's Kreative Spot said...

Great projects. follow your dreams.

Katsews at gmail dotcom

JustYolie said...

Beautiful projects! I'm now a follower.

Karelj said...

Love the new look! I'm so loving this blog hop with you!

Josie0602 said...

Wonderful projects! I love the candle!!
jtg0398 at sbcglobal dot net

Stephanie_J_ said...

I think my fav is the candle, how beautiful is that?!!!

Great job!


Kristen said...

I love what you made for the blog hop! And great job coming up with such beautiful projects right before they were due! Amazing!

VinDeeLoo said...


vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

BunnyFreak said...

Love the candle.
username at yahoo dot com

pennykitz said...

Very nice projects...I love them.
Thank you for sharing.
I will be back when I have a little more time, I have the flu so I am running late on this wonderful hop.

Scrapp'n Nana said...

I love what you have done with all that you have. You have a very nice website and i joined it so I can keep in touch and follow you.